Who is eligible to receive an MPAA Global Research IP Program grant?

Scholars must be affiliated with an academic institution.

Must a grant applicant, whether individually or as part of a research team, be a U.S. citizen?


May scholars affiliated with academic institutions located outside the United States apply for research stipends?


Are graduate students eligible to receive a research grant?

Yes. Graduate students may be part of a team submitting an application, but they cannot be the primary author(s).

May an academic institution be the applicant for a grant?


May I write on any topic related to intellectual property?

No. Proposals must address one of the research areas presented on the Research Grant Areas page.

Will recipients have access to movie industry data?

This will be determined on a case-by-case basis. The data collection aspect of a research proposal involving empirical analysis should be highlighted in the proposal, along with a description of the type of data that would be useful for MPAA or its member companies to provide.

May either the proposal or CV be more than three pages?


May I attach letters of recommendation?


Do you need to itemize a budget in the proposal or describe how the $20,000 stipend will be used?

No. The researcher can use the stipend however he/she deems appropriate. This also applies to research teams.

Does the MPAA Global Research Program provide grants larger than $20,000?


When will payments for the research stipend be made?

Researchers will receive payment in two installments.  One half of the award ($10,000) will be issued at the start of the project.  The second installment ($10,000) will be made after a final manuscript is submitted to the MPAA Global Research IP Program.

Who receives the grant?

The grant will go to individual author(s), unless otherwise requested.  Individuals receiving a grant have the option of requesting that the grant be paid directly to his/her academic institution.

If the grant goes to an individual’s academic institution, will the MPAA Global Research Program pay for overhead expenses in addition to the $20,000 stipend?


May I submit more than one proposal in 2014?

Individuals only can submit one proposal this year, and only can serve on one research team, if a team proposal is submitted.

When must the research report be completed?

Recipients must submit a completed manuscript no later than six months after the first grant installment is made.

How will the report supported by the research grant be published?

The MPAA Global Research IP Program will post the report on its website and make best efforts to encourage publication in a scholarly journal, and distribute it both to the academic and public policy community interested in issues related to intellectual property.

May grant recipients publish their research in other publications?

Yes.  Recipients retain all rights to the research and are encouraged to publish findings anywhere they wish.