Senator Christopher J. Dodd

This is a very exciting and transformative time for creative industries across the globe. Artists and creators are using technology to bring images and stories to life in ways believed to be impossible just a few short years ago. And the Internet has made it faster and easier for creative content and ideas to take root. But along with these great opportunities come new challenges that will affect the course of the film and television industry for decades to come.

We want to enlist the help of academics from around the world to provide new insight on a range of issues facing the content industry in the digital age. We need more and better research regarding the evolving role of copyright in society. The academic community can provide unbiased observations, data analysis, historical context and important revelations about how these changes are impacting the film industry and other IP-reliant sectors.

We appreciate your interest and look forward to learning from your insights.


Senator Christopher J. Dodd
Chairman & CEO
The Motion Picture Association of America